The North American Woman/boy Love Association (NAWbla) is an association which advocates for consensual relationships between adult women and underage males. These relationships are pure and unfettered by adult male hairiness or patriarchy.

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We are not associated with NAMbla. Those people are disgusting perverts who advocate for consensual relationships between adult men and underage boys. They belong in jail!

We also don't support The Vagina Monologues Early versions had a story called The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could, about an adult woman having a relationship with a 13 year-old girl. The author went so far as to say "If it was rape, it was a good rape". We most emphatically do not condone relationships between adult women and underage girls. We have our limits!

Support from Germain Greer! She has described her book "The Beautiful Boy" as being "full of pictures of 'ravishing' pre-adult boys with hairless chests, wide-apart legs and slim waists". Whew! She's a woman after our own heart.

She also says "Well, I'd like to reclaim for women the right to appreciate the short-lived beauty of boys, real boys, not simpering 30-year-olds with shaved chests". We couldn't agree more. Even shaved adult men are disgusting. Give us a tender, hair-free, underage boy, any day!

In a 2003 interview, she also says "A woman of taste is a pederast - boys rather than men. We couldn't agree more. Only classy women will fuck young boys. We despise the gender traitors who (yuck!) want relationships with adult men.

Why does Germain Greer agree with us? She was asked about her motivation in an ABC radio interview. Our sources say that she responded it was to "position young boys as legitimate objects of womens' lust". Stop it, I'm getting hot!

Our list of members is growing daily. It's the new "in thing"!

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